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Each funeral service should be as unique as the person it is being planned for.

YOUR PATH goes way beyond a standard pre-planning form. There has never been an easier more personal way to plan how you want to be remembered.

buttonStart YOUR PATH today. Begin by completing your biography. Share your passions, funny quirks, accomplishments, things that inspire or motivate you or even favorite quotes. What amazing things have you done? What do you regret not doing? Share those unique things that make you, YOU, be specific. Add favorite pictures of yourself, family and friends. Compose letters to your loved ones that they will receive once you’ve passed away.

button-5YOUR PATH is completely private (only you and your designated guardian will ever see the contents until your plan is needed) and can be altered by you as often as you like.
YOUR PATH allows you to plan your end of life celebration in detail. From simple and traditional to wild and raucous, if you can imagine it, we can do it.

button-6How it works: You can personalize your plan – everything is in your own words. Add the story of your life in pictures, leave letters for your loved ones, and even make changes to anything as your life changes. Once you have everything started, simply designate a guardian for your site. This person alone will have access to your information and will be responsible for emailing your letters and providing your biography and photos to the funeral home of your choice and even to family and friends if you so desire.

This is your story, your legacy, YOUR PATH. Plan to celebrate it!



The personal information you enter into your Path and your Plan on the Pathway Memorial Funeral Home website are strictly confidential.Pathway Memorial Funeral Home and its staff do not have access to your personal information. Your guardian will not have access to your plan until they are sent an e-mail after Pathway Memorial Funeral Home is notified of your passing. If you choose to use another provider for your final services, a copy of your plan may be sent to the provider upon request and a small processing fee will apply.

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