Main Chapel
  • Our main chapel has been recently renovated.
  • It is handicap accessible and has room for 300+ guests.
  • There is an attached lounge for family members to take breaks and a child care room nearby.
  • The upper balcony provides an area for musicians.
  • The chapel can be decorated to provide you with an experience tailored to your desires.
Small Chapel
  • Our Small Chapel is available for quieter, more intimate services.
  • The room holds 60 guests and can be arranged in whatever way suits your needs.
  • The facility offers a wide variety of caskets and urns to accommodate individual preferences.
  • There are more than 400 unique service folder themes to choose from that are available in varying styles and sizes.
  • Service folders can be personalized using poems, quotes, songs, prayers, pictures or scriptures in many different combinations to create a truly unique tribute.
  • Slideshow preparation, use of photo easels, a movie screen and digital picture frames are available upon request.
Play Room
  • Other amenities available are a playroom for young children just off the main chapel.
  • Toys, movies and a chalkboard wall are provided for the enjoyment of young guests.
  • Our lounge with a kitchenette provides an area for family and guests to rest and have light refreshments during visitations.
  • There is also a play area for children should they become bored or restless.
Arrangement Room
  • We have several private rooms available for planning the service.
  • Families can meet with staff to learn the wide variety of options that are available and choose those that meet their particular wants and needs.
Dining Area
  • The lower level has a dining room suitable for families to hold a dinner following the service.
  • A meal can be brought in or catered in the attached kitchen.