The nature of the traditional funeral has changed. Today’s families are looking for more—more personal involvement in planning and arranging, more unique and memorable services, and more budget-friendly options.

You may be surprised to learn how easy it is to create a memorable tribute to your loved one that showcases his or her uniqueness and life achievements, reflects family traditions and values, and provides a safe place for friends, relatives and colleagues to come together and share memories.

Personal Effects: The simplest way to personalize a visitation, funeral or memorial ceremony is to incorporate a variety of personal items that reflect your loved one’s hobbies, interests, relationships and friends. For the sports fanatic, adorning the funeral home with memorabilia of a favorite team is a great place to start. For the gardener, pots of his or her favorite blooms could be displayed. We are happy to play your loved one’s favorite music during a visitation and/or service. Photographs can be displayed in the funeral home, or we can create a memorial DVD slideshow of favorite photos that can be shown as part of the ceremonies.

Inspirational Rituals: A release of white doves, butterflies, or even balloons is an uplifting way to close any funeral or memorial service. We can help you arrange this service with a local company.

The Comforts of Home: Family and friends have always enjoyed coming together to share meals and memories after funeral services. Having a gathering in your home, at the funeral home, or another location, provides a safe and welcoming environment for guests. These types of gatherings can be informal and relaxed, providing an excellent way to share memories and build new traditions.

The Next Level of Personalization: When it comes to creating a lasting tribute, the possibilities truly are endless. We know that everyone’s needs are different, and even members of the same family need different ways to discover meaning and beginning the healing process. We invite our families to use their imaginations, and will work tirelessly to accommodate each and every request.